27 Apartment Decorating Ideas to Dress Up Your Space on a Budget

Have a look at these apartment decorating ideas. They will be so much helpful for you who are moving to a new apartment or getting tired of your old one.

Decorating both new and old apartments will always present you with some challenges. Thus, your mind keeps questioning about a few things, such as home décor to use, furniture to buy, home appliances to have, and accessories or decorations to display. However, when your budget is limited, the answers to the questions seem restricted, too. 

In fact, if you dig into apartment decorating ideas a little further, you’ll find that dressing up your space on a budget is possibly done. 

1. Adorn Your Wall with Floating Shelves

Nothing can beat floating shelves for its space-saving and functional ability. Not only that, they can act as decorative items if you select and arrange them properly. For example, fixing shelves on your brick wall will offer you an easy centerpiece in an apartment living room.

Also, the most important thing about all those shelves is they are definitely a cost-effective option for you.

If you have a small living room, wooden floating shelves are the right solution for storing your things. Place it in the corner of the room to save space with the maximum.

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Hang your storage rack on a red brick wall to minimize storage. Floating shelves is the right solution for those of you who haven’t spacious living room.

If you need storage that doesn’t take up a lot of space and is environmentally friendly, use rectangle wooden shelves that are attached to the red brick walls. You can use it to store ornamental plants to make it more decorative.

With the selection of floating shelves right at the corner, your living room will look more presentable and charming. Red brick wall provides its own artistic value.

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In addition to storage space that saves space, wooden floating shelves can also be a creative decorative room. Set on a red brick wall to give an industrial and elegant impression.

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It doesn’t hurt when you use lots of floating shelves in your living room, because it will give a neat room atmosphere and look different.

Use not polished wood for your floating shelves. This will provide a natural touch in the living room. To give the impression a bit old-fashioned you can add brown leather sofa and pallet coffee table.

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2. Ornament Your Space with Indoor Plants

If you are a keen gardener, you’ll sure love this idea: indoor plants for your apartment decorations. Place them on the room corner, floating shelves, windowsill, tabletop, nightstand, mantel, or other places. Yet, don’t forget to use adorable and unique ceramic pots. By doing this, your room will be so welcoming and enchanting to see. 

For you who aren’t really expert in gardening, choosing low-maintenance plants such as succulent and cactus is a good start. 

To beautify the nightstand, you can add a ceramic small pot planted with cactus. This plant looks simple but still attractive for your decoration.

So that your ceramic pots look more colorful, try paint with soft colors. Add gold ornaments to add glamours decoration to your room.

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To add a natural style to the window sill of your home, use succulent plants planted in white ceramic pots. This plant makes the room more cool.

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Decorate your ceramic pots to make them look better and funnier. Complete with indoor plants such as succulent and cactus to give a comfortable room appearance.

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To decorate your plain wall, use floating racks to place succulent plants. Use ceramic material pots to make it look unique and adorable.

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Succulent plants placed on the sill will bring a fresh and relaxing feel. Add a small candle to give light around it to make it look more attractive.

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Ceramic pots motif can provide a unique and refreshing decoration in your kitchen. Place it on the window sill to get enough sunlight.

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3. Mind Your Color Options

Keeping all the details in neutral colors is one of the safest apartment decorating ideas. However, the effort must go far beyond that. See how some pop of colors can give you an astonishing view of a room. For example, furnish your white kitchen room with mint blue, orange, and red seats. 

Combine white with some colorful furniture to make it look more cheerful and funny. Wooden material gives a natural touch.

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So that your living room looks more colorful, you can use a colorful sofa. Add house plants to add freshness to the room.

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The natural color in your kitchen design will create its own luxurious impression. A touch of wood will bring a warm feel to your room.

The white nuance in the kitchen which is equipped with a touch of bright colors in the cabinet gives the impression of being both gentle and natural. A large enough window will perfect the lighting naturally.

Colorful furniture in your simple kitchen provides additional variations that are funny and cheerful. Use several hanging cabinets to save space.

Red and white are colors that can be combined perfectly in your kitchen. White color alone can give the impression of clean and calm.

Minimalist apartment kitchen with blue cabinets and orange seating will give the impression of luxury that is not excessive. Furniture with a metal touch gives the impression of being sturdy and clean.

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4. Throw Rug to Your Bland Floor

Rugs might be the most valuable and inexpensive option if you want to dress your space up. They are useful to add warmth, pattern, and color to your room. Just visit some local stores in your town, you’ll find pretty and inexpensive rugs for sale. Be sure to pick one that will liven up your apartment look.

So, which of these apartment decorating ideas will you use?

The white room gives a clean and bright impression. Throw patterned rug on your floor to make it more warm and attractive. Try this decoration in your room.

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Use a rug made of faux fur and neutral in color to make your feet feel warm. Put the house plants in the corner of the room to refresh the atmosphere of your room.

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Minimalist apartment living room with rattan rug which is highly recommended for footwear that is affordable and easy to find. White and brown is the perfect color combination.

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Colored rugs similar to the table give a harmonious and extraordinary style when seen by your guests. Give a touch of bohemian style by adding a pillow and blanket pattern on the sofa.

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Combining rattan and patterned rug gives a perfect warm impression. If this layered rug is still not warm enough, you can throw blankets on the couch.

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Striped rug can be an attractive and warm footwear. Red brick fireplace creates an industrial style suitable for decorating your room. You can try it.

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