24 How to Incorporate Metal in Rustic Kitchen Design

Add metal into your rustic kitchen design by installing a backsplash, lamp, furniture items, and containers in creative ways.

Metal has a unique beauty that can improve any design, especially in the kitchen. A rustic kitchen often showcases several materials in its design, including metal. You can incorporate metal in several ways, such as the main appliances or accents and ornaments.

Improve your kitchen by following these tips to incorporate metal in kitchen design.

1. Add Metal Stools or Table

Metal stools and tables can look rustic or modern depending on their styles. For a rustic kitchen, you can purchase stools and tables with wrought iron ornaments. You can also buy the furniture from the flea market or vintage store.

A marble-coated iron kitchen island, wooden benches, and extraordinary stone walls are incorporated into modern furniture fixtures.

This kitchen design combines modern with rustic style in a smart way. The old iron kitchen island in collaboration with ceramic furniture makes this kitchen very interesting.

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If you want to stay in a rustic style while remaining minimalist, then consider accessing your kitchen with a minimalist iron kitchen island and bright neutral paint.

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Everything still feels rough and full of energy, including this iron cabinet handle. This might be the look you like for your rustic kitchen design.

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Dark iron may look too impressive for smaller dimly lit kitchens, so consider adding whiten iron.

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2. Hang Metal Pendant Lamp

Many pendant lamps have metal shades, both vintage and modern styles. You can install a vintage-style lamp for a warm look in the rustic kitchen. The metal can be anything from iron to colored ones like bronze, brass, and copper.

One of the most striking and different ideas in rustic kitchen decorating ideas is the use of round hang metal pendant lamps like this.

The rural themed kitchen is a beautiful combination of rural cottage and farmhouse decor. Open wooden elements and classic iron pendant lights add to the rural drama instantly.

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A mixture of iron hanging pendant lamp inspiration, rough peeling paint, and exposed wood elements give birth to new unique colors, textures, and shapes.

You should install rural lighting that is suitable for the entire kitchen design. This classic iron pendant lamp represents a rustic style in a modern kitchen.

Round iron pendant lighting hanging above the island creates a modern and industrial rural atmosphere.

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3. Install Metal Backsplash

Do you know that kitchen backsplash tiles have metal variants? They look different compared to typical ceramic or stone tiles. Metal backsplash tiles have a vaguely European look, combining strength with subtle elegance. Metal backsplash tiles come in stainless steel, copper, brass, and other decorative metals.

Utilizing zinc-iron as your backsplash can no doubt give you the opportunity to be creative and show off your rustic kitchen.

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A collection of iron plates together with welds can be an excellent choice for accent and backsplash partitions at your rustic kitchen.

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Paint your modern kitchen with a touch of rustic kitchen backsplash. Instantly, zinc-iron can realize the total backsplash of your rural kitchen.

Take advantage of a tin roof that is not used anymore. Clean them all and place them under the cupboard to add drama to your rural kitchen.

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Iron is an unbelievable choice offering you a rustic, rich look with a number of distinctive colors and colors that cannot be replicated by tiles or marble.

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4. Install Vintage Wire Basket

Installing old-school wire baskets on the wall gives your kitchen a farmhouse-like look. You can use these baskets to organize kitchen supplies and appliances, such as pots, mortar and pestle, manual coffee grinder, tea strainer, and many more. You can buy vintage baskets from secondhand stores to lend the classic, distressed look.

This small hanging wire basket is a beautiful decoration that serves as cutting board storage and other small kitchen utensils.

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Using a wire basket and conventional old hanging scales add a bit of rural beauty to your kitchen.

You can use ropes and hooks to hang wire baskets to store fruit or herbs that make your kitchen a charming country kitchen.

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Wire baskets can store anything from linen to vegetables. Add them to your open shelves for easy access to everyday items in your rustic style kitchen.

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5. Choose Colored Metal as Fixtures

Bored with stainless or chrome fixtures? Try using colored metal to add a fresh twist. You can install black-coated stainless fixtures for a modern look. However, if you want to emphasize the rustic look, choose colored metals as fixtures, like copper or bronze.
Metal is a common element in a rustic kitchen. Use these creative ways to incorporate them into a kitchen seamlessly.

Open brick walls are a great idea to add texture and interest to any space. Throwing iron chairs is a rustic spark to this modern kitchen.

Dark painted metal stairs give a masculine impression to this modern rural kitchen. Low iron chairs will accommodate all your guests.

Open brick walls, unpainted iron chairs, and other kitchen furniture form a cool vintage rustic kitchen

Iron chairs painted in bright yellow will provide contrast with each other with open brick walls that add texture to your rustic kitchen.

White kitchens with rustic throws such as decorating wooden stairs, old metal chairs and medieval rugs that collaborate nicely to give a rustic feel to a modern kitchen.

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