29 The Most Popular Swimming Pool Design and Ideas to Try at Home

During the hot day, swimming at home can be very relaxing. Thus, here are the most popular swimming pool designs and ideas that you can try.

Most people choose a classic rectangular form when they build a swimming pool at home, based on practical purposes. They usually use a swimming pool at home to do body exercising. Those having a swimming pool at home are usually businessmen or employees who do not have time to go to the gym after work. So, straight lines of the rectilinear pool are the best choice for them to exercise.

Nowadays, people tend to build a swimming pool at home based on aesthetical purpose. They use all kinds of the most popular swimming pool designs and ideas that fit their house theme.

1. Pool with Fire Pit

This is one example of the most popular swimming pool designs and ideas at home. It is an in-ground swimming pool with a luxurious gathering spot.

This model usually offers a gathering place in the middle or the edge of a pond that is connected by a stone staircase. You can install a seating area such as a comfortable sofa and a fire pit.

Beautiful decorating ideas at this swimming pool. With a fire pit combination swimming pool equipped with rattan sofas and granite tiles that provide a swimming pool concept. This creates the perfect swimming pool decoration.

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This is the dream swimming pool design for you. The swimming pool is equipped with a fire pit feature and is surrounded by natural stone seating that allows you to gather with family or friends on the edge while watching a panoramic sunset.

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The beauty that is given to the swimming pool behind the house. By placing the pool using fire pit accents and sofa benches that provide a more lively pool. Besides that, you can relax by the pool while warming your body.

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The swimming pool behind the house is breathtaking. By placing a swimming pool with a fire pit. fire pit which is equipped with several soft sofa features. This makes the design of a beautiful and comfortable swimming pool.

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Enchanting and luxurious given at this swimming pool. By using the pool features a combination of fire pit accents and individual rattan sofas. The swimming pool concept using fire pit creates a comfortable and elegant decoration to enjoy the charm of the pool in the backyard.

This is the concept of a warm swimming pool. With a swimming pool using fire pit features surrounded by sofas and soft pillows provide a comfortable touch. You can relax at night or morning while enjoying the fresh atmosphere of the swimming pool.

Luxury pool decoration ideas with natural stone features plus a fire pit in the middle of the pool provide warmth. This fire pit is equipped with a circular seat that gives a warm and mesmerizing feeling to the concept given.

The coolness and friendliness provided at the pool through additional features. Namely with the fire pit feature that adds a warmer feeling. Fire pit equipped with soft foamed seat and gravel stone floor plus a wooden tile floor that gives a more comfortable impression.

It gives a dazzling vibe by placing a fire pit in the middle of the swimming pool. Natural stone swimming pool and fire pit with soft pillows provide a warm atmosphere in the middle of the pool.

Swimming pool decoration ideas that amaze the heart. With swimming pool combined fire pit by the pool which gives the pool more special. In addition to using limestone tiles that make the pool atmosphere more refreshed. This is a complete and ideal swimming pool design for you.

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2. Natural Rock Swimming Pool

Here’s another popular swimming pool idea you can try: a swimming pool with a cut-stone concept.

This kind of swimming pool is mostly found in Mediterranean resorts with a natural concept. The swimming pool wall is covered by natural brick stone. The perfect lighting and other tropical greenery decoration could help to enhance the ambiance.

Pool decoration ideas by getting a glimpse of a waterfall that places natural stones on the edge of the pool and outdoor surround sound speakers and magnificent landscaping at White Surf that is only suitable for outdoor lovers.

Fun in the pool can be seen in the concept of a swimming pool using natural stone accents and clay plants. Which gives a pleasant natural feel.

Waterfalls on one side of the pool make a big difference to the aura of this pool area. With a swimming pool behind the house with natural stone accents arranged neatly to form a waterfall that gives the impression of fresh and comfortable.

Light peeps into the rocks in this natural pool. And a mini waterfall that gives a fresher feeling plus green plant accents that help create a brighter feel.

This may be a small pool but it looks beautiful with a small waterfall and hot tub and palm trees. With natural stone which gives the feel of a more natural pool.

Freeform swimming pool decorating ideas surrounded by green bushes and trees. You will definitely feel close to nature once you are here. Plus accents of natural stones at the edge of the pool add a more enchanting atmosphere.

Beautiful pool concept, pleasant pool area. In addition to the zero-edge pool and stone deck are also beautiful plus using green plant accents that give the pool more beautiful reflection.

Design a swimming pool using beautiful pool lights. And combined special pools have natural stone waterfalls, large colored concrete pool decks, and specially designed piling areas and concave bar areas.

Design a cheerful swimming pool by featuring a swimming pool using stone tiles and a stone structure by the pool. Plus beautiful flower accents give the feel of a more enchanting swimming pool.

This is the ideal swimming pool concept for you. With a swimming pool using natural stone accents and natural charm provided plus features a swimming pool with slide. This makes the design of a pleasant swimming pool.

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3. Lagoon Swimming Pool

If you want to have a swimming pool with a natural feeling at home, this idea would be perfect. This design would make you feel like you are swimming in a tropical paradise, bordered by natural stone. To enhance the natural atmosphere, there is a waterfall made by a pile of rocks and some green elements.

Those are the most popular swimming pool designs and ideas that we have listed. You have to remember that having a private swimming pool is a good complementary feature of a house.

The design of the lagoon pool is designed to resemble a beach. By using accents of natural stone and green plants. Plus the accent of the pool atmosphere blends the natural surroundings giving a cheerful touch.

The idea of a lagoon pool decoration is perfect for forest side views. With this pool deck design, it provides clear water and lush trees plus an elegant panorama. This makes a special swimming pool design.

Adding a modern fire pi to your lagoon pool is a stylish way to provide an exotic atmosphere. And add a little warmth and light for swimming at night or entertainment in the backyard.

The design of a smaller backyard swimming pool can accommodate a lagoon pool thanks to its unique shape. This lagoon swimming pool has a beach entry design that resembles an original tropical beach. This creates the perfect swimming pool design.

Vibration is given in the lagoon-style tropical swimming pool. And combined the multi-level waterfall feature adds another dimension to the more charming swimming pool.

The concept of swimming pool that blends with nature. By using accents of natural stone and palm trees and the number of plants that provide pond ponds, it gives a more beautiful charm.

Swimming pool design with beautiful natural stones combined with green plants. In addition, this swimming pool uses edge tanning and a submerged area to make a good play area for children.

Pool decoration that blends with nature and beautiful coconut trees. With an infinite lagoon pool at a waterfront location makes you feel as if you are navigating the ocean itself.

The perfect design is in this swimming pool. You will be comfortable with the natural charm provided plus tropical trees give a lagoon-style pool a more organic and natural look.

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