Modern Apartment Facades Currently in Trend

They say never judge a book by its cover. But some apartment facades just look stunning you can’t help but be awed by it. Here are some facades currently in trend.

When it comes to an apartment building, the apartment facade design says a lot about the space inside. So, the saying to never judge a book by its cover really doesn’t apply here. From the facade, we can take a glimpse of the style and materials of the spaces inside.

Over different periods, building facades grow in styles, here are a few examples:

Stainless Steel on Building Facade

The use of stainless steel for building facade enclosures is not a new concept. Thanks to its versatility, the trend of stainless steel facade never really fades. Stainless steel element makes the building gleams under the sun and directional lighting. Requiring little maintenance, stainless steel facade looks sleek and modern. It also offers flexibility to accommodate artistic shapes for the face of a building.

The apartment design is stunning, with a tone far from rust which makes it quite calm. Namely using stainless, looks elegant and confident.

Stainless accents to build apartments, modern looks are also integrated with nature. This modern design with unique stainless wall patterns and artistic appearance.

The modern design apartment building uses hexagonal patterned stainless material, It looks quite small from the others but still, the view is perfect. Not only comfortable but also very worthy of your place.

Apartment one block with stainless accents looks luxurious from another. The unique front pattern gives a charming impression.

Unique apartment design, different from most existing apartments, this design is enough to make people feel amazed. By using stainless material that gives a touch of anti-rust and creates elegant charm.

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Green spaces incorporated in the facade

Apartment facade that incorporates green space also has never really been out of date. It’s been around for a long time and grows in variety. Today with global warming issues peaking, it’s only fitting that modern apartment accommodate green space on its exterior building, which reflects how the inside is designed with the environment in mind.

Modern facade apartment building design. Which uses a minimalist building structure and more charming again add accents of green plants on the walls. This provides an attractive and attractive apartment design.

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Amazing apartment design on the edge of town. Namely by using accents of greenery on the wall. Not only the building design is unique but also it has a modern and fresh look.

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The view of this apartment is vast. By using an exterior design using green plants climbing on the wall. This gives a good influence to the big city and gives a fresh impression at any time.

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Large white apartments in the suburbs can be an option for you to have them. With a fresh look, this apartment features accents of vines on the side of the wall can create a cool and friendly feeling.

Green apartment building, with greenery on each balcony. Looks natural and blends with nature. Create fresh air and will create reduced air pollution.

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Use the balcony of the apartment as green space, so that it looks fresher also looks natural. Not only that but also you will get fresh air.

A green apartment design, with greenery on each balcony. Looks natural and blends with nature. Make fresh air too.

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Prominent balconies in modern style apartments, look very unique also have a distinctive character that is different from other buildings.

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Exposed Structural Elements

Building exteriors with exposed frames and components look airy and artsy. The open structure also allows the outdoors to blend with the indoors, which is really cool for an apartment. Such design in an apartment building allows the residence to have better natural light during the day and enjoy the outside view from their room.

Fresh design in the backyard with open accents. By using an open flower made of wood accents and wood panels. It seems to have a calming and perfect impression of relaxing.

The highway apartment building, very strategic for your occupies. In addition, the structure of the building that opens through a glass wall accent. Make it easy for you to live in urban areas.

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Decorating an open apartment with a shape using a building structure and glass accents. Which gives the concept of an open and comfortable apartment in an urban center.

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Three-level buildings located in impressive suburbs. With the structure of the building outside using accent glass walls that are cracked it gives the concept of a modern apartment.

High rise apartment buildings with the concept of a wooden walled building and a unique building design. Providing modern, eco-friendly building structures.

Apartment on the edge of the city with a creative building structure. By displaying open accents through a glass panel. This glass panel gives a more beautiful design and not stuffy.

Unique apartment design, different from most existing apartments, this design is enough to make people amazed when they see it. Giving the impression of being open and comfortable to rest in the stuffy city.

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Geometric Facade

A building with geometric facade looks futuristic, stunning, and captivating. You often just can’t help but be awed. Geometric facade in an apartment building also ranges in material use, from concrete, glass, to metal elements. Some even use weathering steel, which doesn’t need painting and enables a natural adaptation process the weather over time.

Facades all around the world come in different shapes, styles, and materials, designed to represent local culture and adapted to its climate condition. These are just a few among countless apartment facades with interesting and unique appeal. Browse our website to find more facade styles!

Unique facade apartment building in a geometric shape. Using wood and colorful accessories, this provides a high selling appeal.

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This apartment design is different from the others. The structure of the building in the form of the geometric facade gives a unique impression and beautiful panorama.

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The unique shape of the building in a geometrical shape can create an attractive look. It’s really futuristic design that will amaze who sees it.

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This is a creative building design with a geometric facade apartment building that displays a modern and creative impression. This makes the concept of apartment blunt.

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This creative and unique apartment building concept with a geometric balcony shape and yellow paint. This makes the concept of apartment facade inspire.

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