26 Creating a Green Office Area? Follow This Tips

Are you struggling when finding green office ideas? You can transform an existing office into a green one with simple, fun tips as follows.

People are more aware of the importance of the environment nowadays. Thus, more people try introducing greeneries to the office. In addition to making employees get closer to nature, it would be better for the environment.

Green offices are not less attractive as any other creative office. Interior designers always seek for inspiration to create functional and responsible offices. Without sacrificing any aesthetics, of course. If you are looking for such a look, check out the following green office ideas.

1. Incorporate Some Green

Greeneries are the priority for a green office. If one potted flower for every desk is unlikely, a whole green wall in the entryway will transform the look. Growing some plants with a hydroponics system is happening nowadays.

To balance the color, combine it with some green interiors throughout the office. But if your office cannot afford such a look, spread some potted plants around the office to improve air quality.

You can decorate the walls of the office with green plants to change its appearance to look fresher and cooler. With this you can create green offices easily and perfectly.

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Green color on the walls and office furniture makes the atmosphere feel bright. In addition, green office decor will also make you more comfortable when working.

Make the office as comfortable as possible to make you excited in doing office work. You can create it by using shades of green in the room.

The combination of green and gray is a perfect color combination and minimalist. Complete with greenery paintings on the wall to give a unique green office statement.

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Give a touch of wood on your green office floor to give a warm and comfortable feel. Add live greenery to make it look more natural.

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Match the colors on the walls and floors of your office to create a green office area that makes employees want to linger here. Green shades are also the best choice for your decoration.

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Renovating the office area more beautiful and comfortable is quite easy for you. Because here you can simply apply green to the wall and face the work table outwards.

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Take advantage of the office wall area into a hydroponic decoration that looks unique and classy. Keep the green plants fertile and well-developed by watering regularly.

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2. Reevaluate the Kitchen Area

What is the culture of your kitchen office? Are there lots of people bring in to-go coffee into the office? Paper cups cause too much littering thus need stopping. Instead of using the un-recyclable cups, encourage employees to use travel mugs. They are reusable and help reduce waste. Is there a lot of waste coming from snacks? Having fruits, nuts and bread available for craving prevent employees from bringing in snacks.

Having a kitchen in the office will help many people not to bring coffee into the office. Use cutlery that can be washed again to reduce waste.

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The office is a place for many people to spend time to pour their ideas. Therefore a good office must provide a kitchen as a comfortable place to rest as well as lunch.

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The contemporary kitchen in the minimalist office is an effective place for lunch or making a cup of coffee. To reduce waste in your office, avoid using paper cups.

Keep giving a touch of green in your kitchen to integrate with a comfortable green office area. Complete with cutlery that can be washed again to avoid waste that has accumulated.

Make an office design with the present that makes you feel at home working here. For example you can complete the office design with a minimalist kitchen.

An office kitchen with shades of green gives a fresh and natural impression when you are here. Give bright lighting to make the room look spacious.

The touch of green in the storage cabinet in the office kitchen becomes an interesting sight. Complete with some furniture to improve the kitchen utaman function.

The advantage of a kitchen in an office can reduce the number of people carrying snacks that cause plastic waste. With the kitchen you can switch to fruits or nuts.

You can try shades of green and white for your office kitchen area as a symbol of creative fresh green. This kitchen can be a place where people get creative ideas.

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3. Manage the Printing Room

Green office ideas include office management, in this case setting a system for the printing room. For a big company, there are hundreds of papers used every day. If you don’t set green rules, no one can avoid paper littering. Ask people to reduce the use of paper that you can share via emails. Encourage them to use old or unwanted paper on the tray for sketches and notes. The double-sided printing system is a good alternative too.

The idea of a printing room brings space to the office. In addition to the printing press also makes it easy for you to carry out your office tasks.

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Photocopiers become an important tool for your office space. With this you do not need to leave the room to print documents easily, effectively and efficiently.

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Reduce paper usage in your office by sending documents by email. But the printing press also became an important electronic machine and had to be in the room.

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Use copiers for sophisticated printing machines in your office. Do not use too much paper to reduce existing paper waste.

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Put the printing machine in one room to make it easier for many people to print the required documents. The printing room will look neat when some documents are sent via email.

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To increase the ease of your office activities, the presence of printing machines in the office becomes important and must be present. Place it in the corner of the room so it doesn’t interfere with the main function of the office.

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Office design that is equipped with a printing room makes it easy to print documents. You can send any document by e-mail to reduce paper waste.

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To avoid paper waste you can send a portion of the document via e-mail. This idea will be more efficient and effective in carrying out your office tasks.

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Green office ideas don’t need to look like a forest or limit every move. As long as you keep everything basics, everyone will be happy.

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