25 Stunning Kitchen Trends Everyone Must Have in 2020

Welcoming the new era, 2020 has a handful of kitchen trends in its plate. From Greek aesthetic to greenery, you’ll be surprised by what it has to offer.

Being an essential part of every home, the kitchen is where you cook, eat, and make science projects with your children. Thus, getting to plan on your dream kitchen design will be something to look forward upon.

Leaving the previous decade behind, interior designers have slowly left the classic, overused interior designs. Constantly gaining an audience, kitchen trends are one amongst many that designers and experts predict about. 

Moving on from decades worth of wooden-tiled and rustic cabinetry, here are the 5 stunning kitchen trends to anticipate in the new decade of 2020.

1. Quirky, Unexpected Shapes

Kitchen trends are all about installing something different. Fortunately, these quirky shapes are all in for the trend. With impactful curve on mint-colored cabinetry and countertop, it’s nearly impossible to miss it out. Additionally, add a touch of Greek aesthetic by putting a statue on the gold cabinet.

If you want to have a kitchen that looks unique and creative, apply an anti-mainstream kitchen. The curves are simple but have an impact on the cabinet and island in a stunning green kitchen.

You can even rethink the cabinet shape resembling this house. This unexpected element will hit the kitchen in a bigger way than before.

Another way to activate your unexpected elemental game is to play with backsplash. This small change will have a big impact on your modern kitchen decor.

A large round kitchen island in the spotlight in this modern kitchen. Another way to complete it is with a charming ball chandelier.

The ceiling that blends into the wall will create a spacious and warm impression in this kitchen. This unique shape of the chair is excellent and will make you comfortable as long as you enjoy the meal.

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2. Fresh and Fun Colored Windows

Usually overlooked, windows in kitchen trends have gained popularity of itself. While most people use windows for ventilation, consider adding a twist in a form of fun colors. Not only it brightens up space, but it also builds a character of your kitchen.

One of the easiest and cheapest options for changing the mood of a kitchen is to paint windows with bright colors. Navy accent on the kitchen is successful in making the kitchen alive with white wall colors.

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The white window frames around this pastel green are a fairly easy way to bring out bursts of color without making a big dramatic statement.

You might want to paint all of your window frames so that the entire space looks cohesive and not just random kitchen moments. The choice of colors in line with the color of the cabinet might make your kitchen more calm.

The dark gray color in the cabinet and window shows how to balance the two beautifully in this kitchen. The brown color on the wall creates a pleasant statement that is not too strong.

Give the charm of the kitchen with bright colors and typical. The green cupboard brings together an area of ​​intense palette such as neutral on the wall, red table, and orange window in this kitchen.

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3. Marble Here, Marble There, Marble Everywhere

Eternally loved and adored by many, marbles are the staple of interior designs. Add a marble touch to your furniture and it immediately glows with luxury. The same thing goes with this kitchen backsplash and countertop. Certainly, the marble devotion in kitchen trends won’t go anywhere soon.

If there is one thing that attacks the graphic style and shakes the interior, it is the return of marble. Black stencil kitchen bar stools and a touch of greenery add to the appeal of this contemporary kitchen.

There is nothing like marble to introduce a modern classic kitchen. The wood accents on the cabinet and white walls are joined with gray and white marble, creating a modern touch to any space.

White walls and wooden floors match wooden chairs and lightweight marble tables for an earthy effect. This monochrome effect will create a modern feel to your kitchen.

The dining room in the kitchen is very striking with lacquered wood panels. Marble as a finishing touch on the island and the floor is the right choice.

The floor with wooden accents encloses a black cabinet and stunning marble slabs. A blend of classic and modern for an interesting touch in your kitchen.

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4. The Free-Standing Kitchen

The last decade has established an open-kitchen concept, where the kitchen is adjoined with other spaces. This 2020, the kitchen trends are trying to retract it back. The simpler, kitchen-as-only-kitchen concept will come back and serves its function as a place to cook.

White brick walls are the perfect background for a classic free standing kitchen. The classical style is reinforced with old-fashioned ornaments and kitchen furniture.

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You can make this kitchen look more like a dining room. With this freestanding cabinet, you can use it as a dining table as well as a place to store kitchen equipment.

If you are looking for a stylish place to sit, socialize, and enjoy morning coffee in your kitchen, these free standing kitchen islands are the right solution in your kitchen.

This gray free standing kitchen island creates a relaxed atmosphere in this wooden floors kitchen. The purple touch finish on the cabinet gives a real modern impression.

The selection of bright colors makes your kitchen look attractive and clean. Simple free standing kitchen island also adds a neat impression to your kitchen.

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5. A Touch of Green Kitchen

With an increasingly aware society of environmental issues, green color is having a good time amongst kitchen trends. Fresh and stimulating, green cabinets, green countertops, and other green furniture are going to surprise you in many interesting ways.

Pair green with brass to create an attractive color combination to your kitchen. Tie everything together with pink flowers that decorate your kitchen.

This pale green traditional cupboard stands out when paired with white walls but isn’t too flashy.

Pistachio green is very elegant and looks modern in your kitchen. Tiles on the walls add more shades of green.

The green checkered ceiling gives an interesting personality in this classic modern kitchen. Similar accents emerge from the cabinet and some ornaments.

Use green to turn a small kitchen into a jewelry box. Add green plant decorations so that your modern kitchen atmosphere will feel more natural.

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2020’s kitchen trends prove to be way more creative and innovative than people expect. By incorporating universal elements and individual touch, prepare to be surprised by what it has to offer.

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