27 Have Fun While Organizing Your Kids Bedroom with Your Family

When it comes to what is best for your kids, don’t be careless. Here are the tips to make the best kids bedroom that you can create together with your family!

If you are a parent, designing a kids’ bedroom can be a little tricky. You have to think about what is right and what is not for the sake of your kids’ development. Understanding the kids’ character may help you design the bedroom that will suit them the most.

These tips below might help you create the perfect bedroom while involving the whole family to participate!

Hanging Handmade Crafts

Make handmade crafts together with your kids can be really fun. You can make any shape of ornaments that your kids like and hang them on the wall and ceiling. They enhance the buoyant and joyful atmosphere so the kids can always feel fun.

To enhance your child’s bedroom decor, you can make it with unique and simple DIY ideas. Make a star ornament from paper, then stick it on the wall of your room.

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Add crafts in the child’s bedroom to give an interesting impression and feel happy. Attach some paper ornaments with a small circle and star shape.

In addition to paper, you can also make handicrafts with flannel and are made to suit your child’s pleasure. For example, the theme of clouds and rain.

Hang pompoms on children’s bedroom walls in a variety of colors. Use bright colors to excite a child when he sees it. With this children will feel happier and happier.

Enhance the interesting and beautiful atmosphere in the child’s bedroom with hanging crafts that he has made himself. In addition to beautifying the room, this craft also makes your child feel happy when he sees it.

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The idea of hanging crafts doesn’t cost much. Use simple crafts but still interesting when seen. For example like the picture above. Is not easy enough.

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Cartoon Wall Art

Turn the wall into a colorful cartoon wall art to brighten up the kids bedroom. It suits the cheerful and innocent personality of your kids. The cartoon wall art also lets the kids’ imagination developed and helps stimulate their creativity.

Change the child’s bedroom wall with a cartoon theme he likes. For example pandas and kuala animals, this makes children often imagine so that it can increase children’s creativity.

Cartoon wall art like Mickey Mouse will make a child’s bedroom even more funny and interesting. Place the piano beside the bed to make it diligent in playing this instrument.

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Finding dory cartoons are perfect for changing plain walls in your child’s bedroom. The wall that is dominated by blue gives a good and maximum brightness.

If you have a boy, then wall art that is suitable and you should choose is cartoon cars. This wall theme looks very cool and colorful.

To increase your child’s creativity, using cartoon wall art is the easiest way you can try. Choose the cartoon that your child likes best so they feel happiness.

Pink and blue make a beautiful bright color blend for your child’s bedroom decor. Change the walls with cartoon themes like mermaids to make the room look cute and more feminine.

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Sharing Room with Fun

Teach the kids to share from an early age by having them sleep together with their siblings. It strengthens their bond because they will always have private conversations when parents are not around. Place their bed side by side and let them share everything, including toys.

A child’s bedroom with two beds is perfect for educating children as early as possible to share. In addition, this decoration makes the child friendship rope better.

To teach children to share from an early age, the use of two beds is the right solution that you should try. With this child will have a private conversation when parents are not there.

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Teach children to share by using two adjacent beds. This will be fun because they will share with each other in everything including toys.

Prepare two beds that are close together to educate children to share with each other. adjoining beds will also strengthen their bond.

Make the child’s bedroom as comfortable as possible, add a bed for his brother when he comes home. Indirectly you teach sharing with others.

Sharing a room with relatives who come home will be fun for your child. Because this room also aims to strengthen their bond perfectly.

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Big Drawers or Basket for Dolls and Toys

You will need a big drawer or basket to place all the dolls and toys. Moreover, you can teach your kids to clean and tidy up all the mess after they’re playing. The big size helps you to store all the stuff more neatly and efficiently.

To avoid clutter in a child’s bedroom decoration, you can anticipate it with large storage. Use the empty space under the bed as a drawer to store toys.

Educate your child to become an independent child by telling him to provide toys that are not used. You just need to prepare it. For example preparing rattan baskets for effective storage.

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Teaching children to get used to neat and independent can be started from his bedroom. For example preparing a shelf to store toys and book collections. With this can form the character of children.

Children’s rooms are less spacious but want to still look neat and clean. You can use a shelf that is stored under the bed. With a hidden shelf that will save space so it will look loose.

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Educational Framed Letters

Hang framed letters on the wall to help the kids not only having fun but also learn alphabets. Other than alphabets, you can also hang numbers or simple vocabularies and sentences to help them read.

Introducing letters early on in children by providing children’s room decor with a touch of the alphabet on the wall. A colorful alphabet will attract the attention of children.

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Stick the letters of the alphabet on the wall of your child’s bedroom. This is aimed at wearing a variety of types of letters, this decorating idea is quite easy in the examples and very minimal budget.

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The idea of attaching letters of the alphabet will help children in letter recognition. Besides that, surround the letters with several other handicrafts to make it more lively and fun.

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Not only for resting, try a child’s bedroom design is also useful for introducing education from an early age. Stick colorful letters on the wall you can try so that children can be aroused to get to know him.

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To stimulate the growth and development of children, you should choose a bedroom design that has a lot of empty space. Write a few motivational words on the child’s bedroom wall that is in the learning phase of reading, so that the child is interested in reading it.

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Love your kids by creating the best kids bedroom for them and have fun with your family!

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