21 Splendid Industrial Apartment Ideas You Have to Know

From exposed brick walls to stainless steel elements, we have rounded up some splendid industrial apartment ideas for you. Check them out now!

If you are a man who is tired enough living in a drab yet limited apartment, we are here to help. All you need is to take action and keep this sentence “living in a modest apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t get a warm, sexy, and masculine space” in mind. Apply a specific decorating style called industrial design. It has those all design characters you need. These splendid industrial apartment ideas might help you.

1. Exposed Brick Walls and White Window Treatment

Let the walls and windows tell how manly you are! Just have the wall expose its brick natural structure and color, possibly from ceiling to floor. If you have windows, treat them with white paint and curtain. No more arguing, these two combinations of natural brick walls texture and well-treated windows will eventually exude a new trend design to your apartment. 

Besides, the rough display of the wall in red to orange hues goes perfectly with white windows curtain.

If you want to give a little improvement to the brick wall, consider lime treatment. Windows with white frames provide a neat and clean atmosphere.

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If you are trying to get a slick industrial look, it is important to maintain color balance. The white color on the brick walls and windows creates an interesting contrast to the wooden floor in this room.

Slick industrial pieces throughout the house are a great way to contrast with more traditional modern elements. Brick walls and wooden ceilings are wrapped in neat modern shades.

Reclaimed wood furniture is a great way to give your space an industrial look. Bright accent walls and windows reduce the room to become more modern.

You can decorate it while maintaining the integrity and perfection of your room’s bricks. Black and white accents instantly create modern monochromatics.

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Even without artwork on the walls, this corner of the apartment is visually appealing and attractive. The built-in bookshelf made of concrete surrounded by abstract bricks creates a thick industrial impression.

When it comes to brick problems, all you have to do is flaunt it. Let it stand out while you decorate your apartment with other modern furniture.

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2. Metal Chandelier and Bare Beams

What would be best representing an industrial design than metal elements and exposed beams? Thus, having the bare beams and hanging a black metal glass chandelier on them offers you extraordinary industrial apartment ideas. 

To showcase a more dramatic look, make your ductwork and pipes visible. Yet, you only need to paint them in a different color with the beams. 

Modern and urban decoration is now looking for creative ways to incorporate the look of wood into contemporary space. Metal chandeliers on bar tables emphasize a loud industrial roar.

The ceiling frame with curved and pointed wooden beams blends perfectly with the spider metal chandelier, making this living room an industry that remains elegant.

The design preoccupation is in the infinite number of possibilities that each room has. This dining room looks more elegant with wooden beams on the ceiling and antique iron chandeliers.

Open wooden beams, brick fireplaces, and carved rough surfaces have an irresistible charm that never really fades in this kitchen.

This kitchen contains all the classic natural elements that give a homely impression to the industrial style. All wood elements including the large wooden beams on the ceiling and a pair of metal chandeliers make this a neat decoration.

Some industrial elements come alive in this room, from open wooden beams, door arches, to the classic but very elegant medieval metal chandeliers.

All that is needed to place modern industrial excellence in this living room is attractive wooden beams and industrial chandeliers.

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3. Stainless Steel Stools and Concrete Kitchen Island

The other elements for industrial style are stainless steel and concrete elements. Inserting these two elements in your kitchen apartment will offer you an industrial charm of a cooking and dining place. 

You only need to throw some stainless-steel stools next to your concrete kitchen island. However, adding a little warmth for feet with rug under the stools is also a great idea as long as it’s natural plain in color—you know adding various pop of colors won’t work for industrial style. 

Concrete is a highly industrial material, and carved concrete kitchen islands will make a style statement and bring a more modern vibe to your kitchen.

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These concrete kitchen islands usually don’t provide storage but you might have a breakfast room or even use the island as a dining table.

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A simple concrete kitchen island with a breakfast room is a real industry idea but brings a modern vibe to your favorite kitchen.

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To soften industrial kitchens, use wood elements as a backsplash and your kitchen cabinet next to a sturdy concrete kitchen island.

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The sleeker concrete kitchen island can double as a breakfast table and will fit in with your minimalist industrial kitchen.

To add depth and dimension to industrial kitchens, this concrete kitchen island and modern chandeliers can be an inspiration.

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There are many advantages to having a kitchen island, from extra seating and food preparation areas to additional storage space.

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How is it? Do you find that those ideas above offer you something new and out of the box? Though, we offer you special look—nearly “weird”—that what other design style lovers might think, those really are the signature feature of industrial apartment ideas.

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