Inspiring Bathroom Storage

Are you looking for an idea to store your bathroom products? Here are 5 storage ideas for a tidy and clean bathroom.

The bathroom is where we let go of our stress and have a perfect me time. Therefore, we tend to put all our personal care products here. This, however, can create a massive mess if left unattended. Make sure you have some storage strategies to untangle the mess and always keep your bathroom in tip-top shape. Check out these 5 storage ideas to help you rearrange your bathroom.

1. Install Shelves

Whether you have a small or big bathroom, installing shelves cannot go wrong. There are many shelves choices available these days. If you have some space, you can slide in tall etagere and categorize your stuff in each level. The top-level can be for bathroom cleaning products to make them safe from children then arrange the other levels with your preference.

If space is limited, then you can nail some hanging shelves for storage. Keep the hanging shelves within hand reach distance to make them accessible. Don’t forget to organize each hanging shelves according to product categories.

Use hanging shelves to categorize items according to their uses. For example the bottom for storing towels and the top for beauty tools.

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Hanging racks made of wood and iron will make more storage in your bathroom. You can hang towels and other tools here.

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A modern bathroom equipped with a hanging rack will make your room neat. Add greenery to refresh the room well.

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Use the wall as an efficient storage area. For example you can attach an iron storage that is equipped with a basket to store your toiletries that are easy to access.

Wooden hanging racks placed above the toilet will make it easier for you to pick up the items you need. Besides this storage is environmentally friendly and simple.

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2. Beauty in Jars

Do not let your facial cotton and cotton bud in their plastic wrap. Arrange them into separate glass jars. These glass jars can add as a beauty point as well as a storage solution. You can also choose colorful glass jars or motif glass jars to accentuate your bathroom.

Use glass jars to store cotton and cotton buds to enhance your bathroom decor. Place it neatly on a hanging rack to look beautiful when seen by the eyes.

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One way to increase storage in the bathroom is to hang glass jars on the wall. Place it on the iron hook to hang the towel.

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Add a vertical wooden cupboard in the bathroom. Hanging rack can be used to store toiletries and glass jars. Transfer the cotton bud and cotton swab to the glass jar.

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To get a new look in your bathroom, use an iron container to place a glass jar on it. Put cotton bud and cotton so it doesn’t get messy and looks neat.

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Attach wood to the wall to hang glass jars to create a neat bathroom. Use glass jars to store cotton buds, cotton swabs and beauty tools.

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Wooden hanging rack will get a rustic touch. Put glass jars, metal baskets and towels on shelves to save space in the bathroom.

Glass jars can be a cotton bud and cotton storage solution. Don’t leave the cotton bud still wrapped in plastic. Because this will cause your room to look less presentable.

Add shelves on your bathroom wall. This rack will serve to put glass jars well and beautifully. Not only glass jars, even towels can be placed here.

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3. Maximize Space

Space is not to waste. Use the empty space below the sink to build a useful compartment. If you have children, you can make a cabinet below the sink with an invisible handle. Since there are several different compartments that you can have, take a look at the references below to find the best one based on your needs.

Use storage under the sink to make use of the empty space. A cabinet equipped with glass will help your bathroom look more spacious.

Wooden cabinet under the sink can function as a relatively easy storage. Complete your closet with wheels so you can easily move to another place.

A sink equipped with a cupboard will provide additional storage in your room. This idea will change your bathroom to the maximum and not boring.

The wooden cabinet under the sink will be a simple and sturdy furniture. With the addition of a wardrobe your goods will be well organized.

Add storage space under the sink. This storage will provide a clean and neat atmosphere in your room. Use bright lighting around the sink.

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4. Containers

Do not let your comb, hand mirror or curling iron lying around unattended. Choose a cylindrical container to arrange them on your vanity. If you like a rustic style, you can choose a bucket container to help to store your beauty tools.

You can use the vanity table to store beauty tools. Use the container to store it to make it look neater and orderly.

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Use a glass container to store the beauty tools on the vanity table. Besides looking organized, this storage will look more classy and elegant.

To get a touch of rustic, use a multilevel metal container to store beauty tools. Use a wheeled container for easy transfer to another place.

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To keep everything looking neat, you must have a container to store the beauty tools. For example wood trays, besides being simple, storage is also inexpensive and doesn’t require much space.

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To renew the bathroom to make it look modern by using good storage. Plastic containers will really arrange beauty tools neatly and beautifully.

To change the look of vanity without using much expense, you can use wooden trays for storage in your bathroom. Add flowers to refresh the room.

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5. Hanged Organizer

Your bathroom door and the wall can be optimized for storage. You can install a pocket organizer on your door to put on your beauty tools or pegboard to help you freely hang your things. To use up space on the shower wall, a shower caddy will help managing your personal body care. 

One way to save space properly, use the organizer to hang on the bathroom door. This storage can change the bathroom decoration perfectly.

Pocket organizer looks good in the bathroom. Install it close to the curtains to make it easier for you to take the items needed when bathing.

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Use the bathroom door for storage. Just add an organizer pocket to get more maximum and efficient space.

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Place the shower caddy in a strategic location and easily accessible. Iron will look sturdy and durable so that it saves costs.

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Pocket organizer one of the right storage in your bathroom. Stick this storage behind the door. This is quite easy to do.

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When you have a super long tiring day, nothing is better than a tidy and clean bathroom to shower. So, make sure to maximize your bathroom storage for a convenient bathing experience. 

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