5 Essential Elements for a Rustic Farmhouse-Style Kitchen

From reclaimed wooden cabinets to eco-friendly kitchenware, here are the elements you need to nail rustic farmhouse-style for your kitchen.

Embodying rustic touches such as well-worn heirlooms, bleached white shiplap wooden walls, and reclaimed furniture, farmhouse-style has overtaken the design world with its classical beauty. 

In fact, there are many tutorials in blogs and Pinterest on how to transform your bedroom, living room, and porch with rustic, farmhouse-style features. However, amongst them all, the kitchen remains the only one that is still coveted. 

Whether it is wooden countertops, exposed beam stools, or shabby cabinetry, here are the essential elements required to nail a gorgeous rustic, farmhouse-style kitchen.

1. Warm Wooden Countertops

A compulsory element, there’s nothing like a farmhouse-style kitchen without wooden countertops on display. Additionally, put on a signature lettering to add depth and character.

Adding wooden countertops in the kitchen room rustic kitchen is suitable to get a natural feel. Kitchen with a dominant white color can sweeten the room.

Applying natural wood countertops to farmhouse kitchens can be tried. Combine with wooden floors to warm the atmosphere in winter.

By using countertops from natural wood, you can mix them with wood floors in your home kitchen. Add dantung lights and chandeliers to complement your kitchen decor.

Stylish farmhouse kitchens that use wood countertops and wooden floors will produce a different rustic feel. Add antique chandeliers for interesting results.

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To decorate the kitchen of a farmhouse, you can add a table of natural wood. Combine with wooden floors and other ornaments to create a warmer atmosphere.

Warm wood countertops for farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas can be decorations that look natural and refresh the atmosphere around it. Combine with wood floors and other ornaments to make it look stylish.

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2. Exposed Wooden Shelves

Filled by crocks all lining up on a wooden prop, this exposed shelf is a perfect place to showcase your collections. Whether it is pottery, kitchenware, or jars of ingredient, the warm-toned colours and natural materials are quintessential for a farmhouse-style kitchen.

To create an attractive home kitchen atmosphere, you can add open shelves and put your antiques to show off your collection.

So that the arrangement of the farmhouse kitchen looks neat and orderly, you can use an open wooden rack. Put your things on a wooden shelf to display your collection.

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To display items in the farmhouse kitchen, you can use an open wooden shelf. Put your antiques to show off.

An interesting idea to show off your goods, you can use an open wooden shelf. In addition to displaying your belongings, this shelf also serves to decorate your home kitchen.

Open wooden shelves that you can stick on the farmhouse kitchen walls to display your antiques. this method will save space in the kitchen and will improve your appearance.

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3. White Shiplap Walls

Combining classic and rustic touch in the form of shiplap walls, this kitchen gives off a cabin in the woods ambience. The crisp white walls and a simple vase of flower embody the qualities of a modern farmhouse-style kitchen.

As a final touch, install open shelving and wooden furniture, and you’re perfect to go.

A comfortable and simple farmhouse kitchen design with shades of white and adding a few cabinets will make your kitchen decor more attractive. this idea can be a minimalist kitchen idea.

Use the feel of a white farmhouse kitchen and apply a flower vase on the table for you to try. Add another ornament to make it look stylish.

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You can try Terndy farmhouse kitchen decor with shades of white. Complete the display with open shelves and wooden furniture for a natural look.

White shades in the farmhouse kitchen decor complete with wooden furniture for you to try. Add some cabinets to save your kitchen space.

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Applying white shades to your farmhouse kitchen complete with shelves and open cabinets will help you store stuff without requiring a lot of space. Add flower vases and sitting lights to complete the kitchen decor.

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4. Eco-Friendly Wooden Kitchenware

All bright and shining, this rustic farmhouse-style kitchen houses wooden kitchenware to reduce plastic and metal waste. Not only that it looks charming under the bright daylight, but the eco-friendly kitchen is also sustainable for nature.

You can try using wooden kitchen utensils in the form of a mat that will make your kitchen environmentally friendly.

To complement the ornament of a farmhouse kitchen, you can add wooden linen to produce an environmentally friendly kitchen.

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Wooden kitchen utensils will produce an environmentally friendly kitchen. Add kitchenware from wood to complement your kitchen ornament.

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Adding kitchen utensils that are environmentally friendly from wood, you can add palms. Mount to an open shelf to keep it looking neat.

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Adding kitchen equipment that is environmentally friendly from wood, you can add a cutting board. Mount to an open shelf to keep it looking neat.

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5. Repurposed Shabby Cabinetry

With white, green, and brown dominating the colour palette, this rustic farmhouse-style kitchen has what it takes to be the winner. The shelves are made of repurposed woods, exposing potteries and other kitchenwares with the same aesthetic. 

While other elements are just as essential, nothing could beat shabby cabinetry as the focal point of your farmhouse-style kitchen.

After reading this, you might want to install some of the furniture mentioned to make your farmhouse-style kitchen happen. Although farmhouse-style is usually defined as rustic and shabby, you can always combine it with more modern features such as metal and marbles.

To complement your home kitchen decor, you can add a Repurposed wood cupboard to store your things. Combine with ornaments and other pendants.

To create a warm farmhouse kitchen atmosphere, you can add a remodeled wooden cabinet. Pair with wooden floors to warm the atmosphere when winter comes.

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So that the arrangement of the home kitchen looks neat and orderly, you can add a cabinet from Repurposed wood. In addition to storing goods this way can be to decorate your kitchen.

Repurposed wood kitchen cabinet can be a very attractive home decoration. Pair with some other furniture to complement your kitchen decor.

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To decorate a farmhouse kitchen, you can use a repurposed wooden cabinet to store your belongings neatly.

The combination of a farmhouse kitchen with wooden cabinets and other ornaments will feature a trendy decorating idea in 2020.

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