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Design the Most Gorgeous Living Room with These 25 Boho Decor Ideas

Seeking inspiration for living room updates? Read and figure out the most spectacular Boho living room decor ideas that never fail to grab people’s attention.

Your living room should always be a welcoming, warm, and comfortable area to spend quality time with family and friends, socialize, and bond with each other. That is why it should be the most livable area in the house.

If Boho living room decor is what you like, read on to discover the most excellent ideas to create the perfect room atmosphere and mood with this design scheme. In the end, you’ll have a stylish living room that never fails to grab people’s attention. Most importantly, everyone would love to spend their leisure time there. 

Feel Free to Include Rich Colors and Patterns

The best thing from Boho living room decor style is that you don’t need to be stuck with color rules, so you can explore all wonderful colors and express your own design taste. To start off, use bright colors as the base, then fill the room with pretty accent colors by combining patterned furnishings, fixtures, and accessories.    

Decorating a boho living room that uses pillows with lots of patterns and colors like this is a brilliant idea. Because with many patterns and colors will tell the impression of a more perfect boho.

Patterns and colors are one of the important accents that are suitable for use in a living room with a boho design. With patterns and colors like this will create a stunning boho living room.

Using lots of patterns in the boho living room is a very good idea. In addition you can also combine patterns with bright colors for a more beautiful appearance.

Boho living room that uses several pillows and rugs that have colorful patterns and colors will create a bright boho living room.

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Using rugs that have lots of patterns and colorful pillows with stripes pattern is a beautiful boho living room decorating idea. Because with these accessories you will have the look of a charming boho living room.

Applying a colorful rug for the wall decoration will strengthen your boho decoration in the living room. To sweeten the nuance, you can add yellow flowers arrangement in the glass vase.

If you want a bright boho living room look, you can combine some bright colors. Using a yellow sofa and two red chairs will create a boho living room that looks bright.

Using yellow curtains and pillows with many motifs for the boho living room is the right choice. It will bring fresh and give a pop of color to your room.

Place a colorful shade rug and a striped throw pillow in red color to give a statement in your bohemian decor. Even though is not use full of color decoration but its enough to bring a different look.

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Get Eclectic Look with the Right Furniture

Boho living room decor style is also known for its chic and eclectic look. To achieve that, you can simply add vintage furniture that comes with ethnic touches, such as Moroccan stools, pouf ottoman, and accent chairs. Otherwise, you may also opt for furnishings made of raw or natural materials like rattan tables, hemp poof, and wood side tables. 

To create a living room with an eclectic look you can add ottoman pouf furniture that has the same color as your boho living room to make it look more harmonious.

Adding pouf ottoman in the boho living room is a brilliant idea. It can bring a vintage look and make your living room more beautiful.

One of the furniture that is suitable for use in the boho living room is using some rattan furniture. Besides bringing a natural vibe it’s also matching with your pattern rugs in a neutral color.

Pouf ottoman is one of the furniture that is suitable for you to use in your boho living room to bring an eclectic decoration. It’s also can bring a vintage nuance to your decoration.

Using two pouf ottomans in the boho’s living room is a brilliant idea. Besides being able to make the living room look eclectic, with this furniture you will get comfort when using it.

This pouf ottoman with interesting motifs and colors is perfect for you to use in the boho living room. By adding this furniture you will have a boho living room with a stunning design.

The boho living room that uses a pouf ottoman is perfect for you to apply because it can create an extraordinary display in your boho living room.

By choosing a natural material for your boho living room, it surely bring a natural nuance in your room. You can apply this idea by using a piece of wood in natural shape.

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Let Colorful Accessories Create Cheerful Ambiance

No Boho living room decor style is complete without colorful accessories. Thus, add some decorative items like area rugs, cushions, and throw pillows to emphasize this design scheme. Plus, don’t forget to accessorize your walls with artistic or handmade pieces like woven wall arts, accent mirrors, and macramé plant hangers. By doing so, you’ll have a unique living room that fully reflects your personality.

If you want the look of a living room that looks bright, you can use pillows and carpets that have a lot of color or are full of color. With the appearance of a boho living room like this, your living room will not look boring.

The boho living room that uses pillows with different bright colors will create a fresh boho living room atmosphere.

Boho living room that uses wall accessories with bright colors is perfect for you to apply. With these homemade accessories you will get a beautiful look for your boho living room.

Using wall decoration with colorful stripes, will make the living room decoration boho look cheerful.

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Making hanging decorations above the window with colorful paper will create a living room with a more attractive appearance.

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Boho living room this time using a macrame plant hanger. With this decoration you will get a fresh atmosphere in your boho living room.

Making a dreamcatcher wall decoration for use inside the boho living room wall is a good idea. With this idea you will get a unique living room look.

One way to make your living room look cheerful and attractive, you can use colorful pillows that are comfortable to use.

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Those are some stunning Boho living room decor ideas you can try to build the most gorgeous area in the house. Again, you’ll always have the liberty to express your design taste and individuality in this decor style. Thus, feel free to apply your own rules. Good luck!

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