Get These 25 Romantic Mediterranean Backyard Design Ideas

If you decide to choose a resort-style backyard, try these Mediterranean backyard design ideas.

To borrow Mediterranean style to your backyard means bringing up some aesthetic details. That’s because some Mediterranean styles often look like a resort-style living. So, if you think a romantic villa is your new kind of backyard, take a look at these backyard design ideas.

Palm Frenzy

While stucco is associated with Mediterranean typical exterior style, the palm is associated with beach, resort, and vacancy. You can capitalize on these two until it looks like a Mediterranean villa—a villa that feels intimate, romantic, and fresh.

Well, you can begin with a raw stone walkway and small greenery in terracotta. Then, pull the lush foliage of the palm tree through the open air. Make the shades cover your wooden chair and table. Although, be sure to keep some space because you need to give that stucco an appropriate welcome. More than that, the Mediterranean design is an avid sun-loving décor.

Backyard design that uses raw stone roads and the surrounding greenery will create a romantic look. In addition, adding three large palm trees will create a fresh atmosphere.

If you want a backyard that looks romantic and feels familiar, you can use the stone path, palm trees, and several other plants around the stone path. After that you can add beautiful lighting for a stronger romantic impression.

This yard design uses a path with raw stone, flower plants on each side of the edge, and palm beside it will create an extraordinary fresh atmosphere in the backyard.

If you like the natural atmosphere in your backyard, you can apply this design. The raw stone road overgrown with greenery and palm trees will make you feel comfortable when walking there with your partner.

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This backyard design uses a raw smelly street with small palm trees and beautiful flowers will create a very fresh and beautiful atmosphere.

The Mediterranean outdoor design that uses a stone path with two palm trees and beautiful plants around it will make a romantic look in your yard.

Palm trees become one of the plants that are very important for your Mediterranean backyard design. Because with a palm tree you will have a fresh and romantic atmosphere.

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Placing a round table with four chairs in the backyard with raw stone paths, and some beautiful plants such as palm trees will create a patio with a perfect romantic atmosphere.

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Outdoor Fountain and Lounge

The next backyard design idea is adopting local houses welfare and happiness. With all those natural colors and plenty of light, it’s always a good option to set up a gathering spot and a centerpiece like a classic Spanish or Italian fountain. On top of that, you know that the Mediterranean is also known for its high social density. Why not borrow the culture too?

So, begin by giving a natural look to the pavers. You can do it by adding a small space for grasses between each paver. Then, set up the classic fountain with its layering tiers. For now, you don’t even really need to add up some Mediterranean furniture. Comfy modern furniture will be just fine to show that this is a Mediterranean look.

Using the fountain as a focal point in your backyard is a good idea. In addition, you can add some candles around the fountain to get a romantic vibe. Complete with some seating area for more comfort.

The fountain is one of the icons that are suitable for you to use in your backyard. Plant some colorful flowers around the fountain to make it look more beautiful.

The classic fountain used in your backyard is one of the brightest ideas. Because this fountain will create a patio that looks more attractive and be the focal point at the same time.

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If you use a fountain as a focal point on your Mediterranean backyard design, you can enhance the decoration by adding colorful flower plants.

Adding flowers with bright colors around the fountain is a good idea to get a beautiful look. It will make a cheerful impression in a fresh atmosphere.

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Using a fountain in the backyard with flower decorations around it will create an incredible focal point.

One of the focal points that is suitable to use on your Mediterranean backyard design is a fountain. To make it look perfect, plant some flowers and green grass.

You can create a romantic atmosphere through a fountain in the middle of your yard with flower decorations around it. It will be the first impression of your outdoor landscape design.

Placing lounge chairs near the fountain in your backyard will create the perfect romantic atmosphere. You will enjoy your relaxing time while seeing the beautiful water from the fountain.

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Traditional column

The easiest thing about the Mediterranean look is giving terracotta and palm trees. The hardest and the most effective thing, however, bringing up a traditional column. Since it’s most likely you use a column for your backyard patio, then do not need to hesitate.

You don’t need to copy the Temple of Athena’s pillar or Concordia. Any traditional column will boost them up.

One way to create another romantic atmosphere in your backyard patio, you can make a column like this. With the existence of eight large pillars will create a magnificent look.

A Mediterranean backyard patio design that uses four large pillars to create a column on your patio is a brilliant idea. With these four large pillars, you will have a Mediterranean patio that looks amazing.

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One large pillar used in a patio like this Mediterranean will bring a new atmosphere on your patio.

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Four large pillars covered with vines are perfect for you to use. Because with this Mediterranean patio design you will have an atmosphere that looks more romantic.

A patio that uses columns like this is one of the best Mediterranean patio designs. Because with this column you will get the greatness of your patio.

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To get a romantic atmosphere on your patio, you can use the column like in the picture above.

Using columns for patio design is one of the right ways to get an outstanding patio design. In addition, you can also add beautiful flowers for a more romantic Mediterranean patio view.

Using several wooden pillars, this Mediterranean patio design has a romantic look. In addition you can also add a soft seat to get extra comfort.

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So, those are some Mediterranean backyard design ideas. Do you want to try?

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