27 Industrial Apartment Decors That Optimize Space And Style

Having an industrial building as your new home living? Expose its untouched charm with industrial apartment decor that optimize space and style.

Industrial style for living space takes inspiration from the elevated look of industrial factories, storehouses, and other manufacturing structures. Industrial apartment decor that optimize space and style celebrates the stripped-down architectural details. By and large, it is characterized by the mixture of the existing bare brick walls, the original installation, metal, wood, and recycled stuff.

Here are some tricks to pleasingly succeed with an industrial look to your space.

#1 – Open Space

The industrial building is usually spacious. Therefore, industrial-styled home living goes well with an open space plan. To divide the space, try to arrange the industrial furnishing in groups.

If you want a comfortable industrial apartment, you can use the idea of open space as shown above. Without divider you can freely move.

Open space ideas are the best idea for industrial apartments. Try to arrange industrial furniture in a group for a neater appearance.

This open space apartment that uses an industrial style is perfect for you to use. Because with an open space you will feel more comfortable and free.

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#2 – Exposed Features

Pipes, beams, ducts or bricks are some of the signature or original elements for an industrial style. Leave them exposed.

To get the perfect industrial style in your apartment, you don’t have to cover your bricks, wooden beams on the ceiling, and let the ducts are open and look original.

Industrial apartments that have exposed bricks, exposed wind ducts and uncovered cable can optimal space and look stylish.

To get authentic industrial style elements in your apartment, you can apply exposed bricks, pipes, and ducts. Because with this design you will get an attractive and stylish industrial apartment appearance.

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#3 – Neutral Palettes

Gray, black, white, and beige are neutral colors you can stick to. Combine those palettes to achieve the stylish industrial vibe of the harmonious clean and minimalist look.

To make your industrial apartment look simple and remain original you can use a palette color combination like in the picture above. Using gray, black and beige colors will create an attractive appearance.

Using gray and combined with white for industrial apartments can create industrial apartments with a clean and harmonious appearance. Add brow stools to give a warm impression.

Having a combination of black and white, this industrial apartment design is perfect for you to use because it has a charming and simple appearance.

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#4 – Warm Tone of Wood

Pair bold darker hues of neutral palettes with warmer tones from wood materials. Worn and torn woods are preferable, especially those with scrapes, dents, or clusters since they offer more authenticity.

To give a warmer touch in the room of your apartment, you can place a unique shaped wooden chair like in the picture above.

Adding wooden furniture in a neutral color bedroom apartment is a brilliant idea. Besides being able to provide a warm touch with this wooden furniture, you will also get an elegant look in the bedrooms of your industrial apartments. For example, you can place a stool from a wooden beam and a wooden bookshelf.

Giving a touch of wood in an industrial apartment room is the right way to get a warm atmosphere in your apartment. You can apply it for the table surface, racks, and an ornament.

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#5 – Metals

Industrial apartment decor that optimize space and style embraces a lot of metal. You can opt for metal furniture, galvanized steel lighting fixtures, metal window treatments, and more.

The essence of the industrial apartment style is inserting a metal element. As in the picture above which has a metal window frame and chair and table that have metal legs will be very durable to use.

Industrial apartments that have galvanized metal lighting and some metal furniture will make your apartment have a sharp look.

Metal is the main material for making industrial design. You can also apply this idea to your apartment decor. For example, you can use a dining set that has metal legs and large metal for wall decoration. Besides, giving durability is also can make your industrial apartment looks stylish.

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#6 – Wood and Metal Combination

Metal and wood go brilliantly well. For example, deck your living room with a reclaimed wooden coffee table and a mirror in the steel frame.

This coffee table made from wood and metal is very suitable for you to use in your industrial living room. Because this coffee table has an attractive appearance.

A coffee table that has a simple shape with wood and metal material is a good idea. Because with this combination of ingredients you will have a durable table.

One material suitable for a coffee table is a combination of metal and wood. Because with this material you don’t need to pay a lot of money to get it.

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#7 – Concrete Floor

If you wish for an affordable yet highly modern floor, you can go for a concrete flooring plan in polished design. It can be a great alternative for wooden floors.

If you want a floor that is affordable but has a modern look, you can use concrete floors for decorating industrial apartments.

Using concrete floors for industrial apartment designs is the right choice. This floor is very suitable for you to use because it is very compatible for industrial design.

Concrete flooring is the best floor for apartments with industrial designs. Besides having a reasonable price with this floor you will have an elegant appearance and also durable.

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#8 – Industrial Lighting

Mostly made of metal, industrial lighting may include reclaimed pendants and lamps. To name some examples are floor lamps or crystal chandeliers for more urban style.

If you have an industrial apartment-style, one of the best lighting for your bedroom is a floor lamp in black color like in the picture above. It’s suitable to create a minimalist look but stylish.

Using unique industrial pendants lights for industrial apartments is a brilliant idea. With this pedant you will get the unique industrial apartment appearance.

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Using metal wall lamps, and also old-fashioned metal table lamps will create an apartment look that looks amazing.

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#9 – Other Industrial Accessories

Give your space with elements of distressed skin, vintage wall decorations, and so on.

Decorating an apartment that has a vintage impression, with leather sofas and vintage walls will create an elegant apartment look.

This apartment workspace that has vintage walls is perfect for you to use because it looks very unique.

The vintage bedroom walls of this industrial apartment have a unique look. So it is suitable for you to use.

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Also, pull off industrial apartment decor that optimize space and style by sticking to the square lines and cubic shapes.

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