Best Bedroom Furniture Arrangement for Small Space

A cramped bedroom is very annoying since this is the room to relax and rest. But don’t worry, with the right bedroom furniture arrangement, you will have your cozy room back.

A bedroom is a place where you wake up first in the morning and sleep at the end of the day. You will use it every day and it is vital to keep it as cozy as possible. However, not everyone is blessed with decent space for their bedroom and a cramped room might not be anybody’s favorite place to sleep.

Fortunately, only you need to fit into that small space and with the right bedroom furniture arrangement, it is highly possible to make your room look and feel more spacious. Ultimately, when you can move freely in your bedroom, it will be more comfortable. Start with these arrangements below.

1. Make It Symmetrical 

The first way to make your tiny bedroom feel more spacious is by arranging the bedroom furniture symmetrically. By placing the furniture symmetrically, every item in your bedroom can be easily accessed. This will make the flow of movement smoother and in result, make your room feel more spacious. One layout you can try: put a bed in the center of the room under a window, place a closet on the opposite wall, and squeeze bedside table on each side of the bed.

To make your movements more free, you should try to arrange bedroom furniture symmetrically. Besides being neat, this decorating idea can also enhance the beauty of your room.

Put your bed in the middle of the room to make it look symmetrical. Just add the nightstand and basket so it doesn’t look messy.

Wooden furniture will provide natural energy every time you enter your room. Arrange symmetrically the placement of furniture to look more gorgeous.

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A bed adjacent to the big window can help lighting the room with natural sunlight. Placement of furniture will also affect the beauty of your bedroom decor.

If the furniture in your bedroom is arranged symmetrically, then you can clean it without difficulty. Use aluminum nightstand to be durable and sturdy.

The red color in the bedroom decor will look bold and warm. Furniture arranged neatly and regularly will make it easier for you to find the item you are looking for.

Elegant bedrooms equipped with vintage buffets will get a traditional touch. To facilitate your access, use symmetrical ideas to arrange some furniture.

This fabulous bedroom can make you sleep comfortably. Place some furniture symmetrically so that it is orderly and does not look messy.

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2. Vertical Storage

When it comes to a small room, you need to think vertical. Rather than hanging all of your clothes above your bed like those popular recommendations, use this formula: height rather than width. If you have chests of drawers, stack them and you will get the exact storage within lesser space. Using a high bed with hidden drawers underneath would be a great idea too.

Vertical hidden storage is a smart idea for small bedrooms. Use neutral colors like white to make it look cleaner and more attractive.

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Open vertical shelves will be the right storage for small bedroom decoration. Open shelves will make it easier for you to find the items you need.

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Vertical storage complete with drawers under the bed will make it easier for you to store items neatly and in order. Apart from that this is one for the small bedroom decoration idea.

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Place vertical storage in the corner of your bedroom. Underneath bed drawers will help with your extra storage. Use the big window to help lighting your room.

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Small bedroom storage ideas with a limited budget, such as overhead vertical storage. This room will look simple and very comfortable. Use wood furniture to make it more natural.

Place the vertical storage next to the window for the right position and look neat. Use shelves to store books and some ornaments.

In addition to vertical storage, bed underneath drawers will also be the right storage area and very useful in your small bedroom. You have to try it.

To get large storage in your bedroom, use vertical storage. Besides not taking up a lot of space, this storage is also very efficient and effective.

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3. Lose Bedside Table

Typically, a bedside table is one of the most commonly found bedroom furniture. However, when you have no other option, try removing it. Don’t worry about less storage in your bedroom since you can always install an overhead shelf. You don’t have to worry about the bedside table’s lamp too because you can add wall lights underneath the shelf.

A fantastic bedroom with overhead shelf lighting will create a different and unique atmosphere. Besides vertical storage also helps tidy up your goods.

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If you want to eliminate the nightstand in your room, try replacing it with a minimalist overhead shelf. Use outboard lights to make it easy for you to get perfect light.

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The lights that become one with the overhead rack make for extraordinary furniture. Put a number of painting frames on a shelf to enhance your bedroom decor.

Wooden overhead rack is one of the recommended storage for bedroom decoration. Eliminating the nightstand in your room will expand your motion.

Replace the nightstand with a hanging rack so your bedroom looks more spacious. In addition this will also save space with the maximum.

Add a wall lamp under your storage rack. Eliminate furniture in your bedroom, such as nightstand, cupboard and chairs to make it look simple.

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Simple bedroom decor but still minimalist by not using too much furniture. You can replace the table lamp with a wall lamp to save space.

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When you eliminate the nightstand in your bedroom, string lights are the right lighting for your decor. Add candles to warm your body at night.

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Wooden hanging rack will look natural and environmentally friendly in your bedroom. Complete with dream catcher and string lights to perfect it.

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Those are the best bedroom furniture arrangement you should implement in your tiny bedroom.

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