24 Unique Wallpaper Options to Adorn Contemporary Living Room

Unique wallpaper patterns create an attractive look in a contemporary living room. Here are the examples of patterns you can choose.

Wallpaper is a quick solution for a living room decoration. Installing a wallpaper with your favorite motif instantly transforms the room into any style you like. A contemporary living room can get advantages from unique and stylish wallpaper. Use these ideas to find the right wallpaper for your next living room project.

1. Textured Wallpaper

Modern wallpaper is not only about colors and patterns, but also textures. If you like a subtle décor but still with some personality, textured wallpaper is a great option. Most of these wallpaper types have subtle patterns and colors. However, the textures are still quite visible in a softer way.

Beige soft walls envelop the room with warmth. This wall wallpaper offers a natural texture that infuses the living room with texture and beauty.

Beautiful textured walls highlight the stunning glow in this dark yet airy living room.

This living room looks roomy and smooth with thin brown wallpaper. Classic furnishings bring a feeling of traditional elegance to contemporary space.

The wallpaper texture in this design creates a feeling of intimacy that contrasts with abstract carpets for rich multi-dimensional designs.

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The soft gray hue serves as a beautiful backdrop to warm wood floors, iron accents, and attractive lighting in this modern living room.

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2. Minimalist Floral Wallpaper

Forget the large and garish floral wallpaper from your grandmother’s house. Minimalist floral wallpaper is a solution for beautiful walls without the garish, old-fashioned look. Minimalist floral designs can be a lot of things, such as subtle patterns, muted colors, or small flower sizes.

Bring luxury to your living room by incorporating these flower wallpaper ideas. This dramatic rose will transform your wall from a simple surface into a sophisticated and elegant surface.

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In a short amount of time, you can change the interests of your living room with beautiful flower wallpapers for a newer style.

Every room in your home can be refreshed with flower wallpapers. With simple lines, this gray flower wallpaper is suitable for those of you who love simplicity.

This colorful flower wallpaper will remind you how close you are to nature.

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Choose wallpapers that will make your living room glow and full of green. You can choose the motifs of several plants and match them with interior colors.

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3. Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper

Abstract watercolor wallpaper brings something unique but elegant into a contemporary living room. The abstract design and unique coloring make this wallpaper highly attractive. Even with bold colors, this type of wallpaper still offers subtlety that graces the living room in an elegant way.

Abstract watercolor wallpaper in this living room combines vintage-inspired colors, but with a fresh and modern feel.

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Abstract watercolor wallpapers similar to expensive marble in this living room will add an elegant effect with limited effort.

This abstract wallpaper offers a far more practical alternative to wallpaper. Marble motif will make your living room more elegant instantly.

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This abstract beige wallpaper breathes new life into the wall, bringing nuance in all corners of your living room.

Abstract walls carry waves of soft colors creating a dreamy aesthetic. Wall wallpaper like this really saves you the cost and effort to apply it.

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4. Shibori Wallpaper

Shibori refers to the traditional tie-dye technique from Japan that results in connected patterns. Unlike common tie-dye methods, shibori uses manual methods like squeezing, folding, and crumpling the fabric to produce unique patterns. Shibori-style patterns are now available as wallpaper, which adds unique visual elements into your living room.

This Shibori wallpaper is one good way to enliven a living room without unnecessary decoration and chaos.

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Wallpaper that imitates watercolor manages to look soft and rich at the same time. This blue shibori motif provides tranquility in your modern living room.

Modern medieval style is generally defined by furniture, but you can slightly change your living room with this Shibori wallpaper motif.

Modern wallpaper does not refer to floral, geometry, or texture. If you put it well, simple shibori wallpaper looks modern with additional ornaments like in this living room.

This dark shibori wallpaper is suitable for those of you who don’t like color clutter.

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5. Geometric Wallpaper

Colorful and geometric patterns create a striking look. You can find various geometric patterns in blue, including unique motifs such as chevrons, herringbones, and even 3D patterns. They present an ultra-modern look that all contemporary houses should have.
Installing the right wallpaper is a quick but effective way to create a contemporary living room. Choose a bold pattern or color to get the striking look that you want.

Dark blue geometric wallpapers that match the living room carpet will create a neat and modern living room at the same time.

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This bright blue geometric wallpaper is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to refresh the interior of your living room.

With a little art and a lot of imagination, your wall can be a highlight of your entire living room thanks to this bright geometric wallpaper.

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This easy blue geometric wallpaper will complement the interior of your modern home and don’t need creative or artistic skills to complete it.

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